Two steps to modern kitchen

Would you like to have a modern kitchen? See what are the latest trends in the kitchen design, what is the difference between kitchen-lab and a minimalistic kitchen. Check out what rules should be followed in order to decorate a modern kitchen!


Modern kitchen as important as living

Only a few families today can meet at a specific time to celebrate and truly enjoy meals in the dining room. For young people it is much more natural to combine cooking, frying operations with the conversation, housework and childrearing. It seeks also to ensure that the transition from food preparation to sit at the table was not associated with burdensome ceremonial. Celebrating at the expense of a living room or dining room? Not quite – the point is that everyday was a celebration. Therefore, modern kitchens are not a less important room any more, subordinate in relation to the representative living room. Kitchen is just part of the day, in which friends and families spend so much time so it should be attractive.


Modern kitchen: functional and tailored to the household needs

The modern kitchen has undergone a total transformation, also when it comes to the method of arrangement. Historically, ergonomics was used to design the kitchen-laboratories, and helped use a small M3 space, today is the domain of large comfortable kitchens, where the oven and coffee maker are raised to a comfortable level, worktops are adjusted to the household height, appliances cook themselves, dishwashers wash quietly and refrigerators remind when to do the grocery shopping.

We can still optimize its operation, carefully defining and specifying requirements, because not only the kitchen designers have created new standards, but also – the new standard has become a choice of kitchen equipment adapted to individual needs. Actually, anyone can come up with the kitchen design. It all depends on who and what will be in it to cook, from lifestyle and nutrition habits, which also are very differentiated. There are two leading directions that are likely to grow in the coming years.


Kitchen in the house like a professional

One of the trends is modelled on professional kitchens – with large devices, specialized stainless steel counter tops, cabinets with more space for dishes, tools and cutlery. Along with this trend come bigger and better-equipped kitchen islands that allow great cooking with family and friends. This great idea, however, is reserved only for a really large kitchens. If you wish to put a giant side-by-side american refrigerator in a small kitchen, you can loose a chance to own a dishwasher.


Minimalistic Kitchen

The second trend in the design of modern kitchen equipment is minimal, occupying little space, hidden behind the doors of cabinets or completely evocative of the appearance of the preparation of meals. These are designed primarily for urban residents of the apartments, but they can also be a practical solution in a small house.


Kitchen: attractive or invisible

In any case, both interior and exterior design contemporary kitchen furniture are adapted to the new situation of the kitchen as at least semi-open or even completely exposed area integrated with a living room, a fully-fledged part of the area daily. Must therefore be either attractive or almost invisible. In any event, the kitchens are no longer designed as auxiliary premises, but more as an integration with all the house design.


Mission: modern colour

While choosing colours, you should consider your favourite ones, however, take into account that deep intense colours, like dark red or bright green, look awesome only for some time. If you are convinced you want some look-at-me colour, you should go for it carefully. The great idea is to combine small surface of the intense colour with the calm, light base. It is then less likely you would get tired of your kitchen!


Reasonable originality

Once the colour has been chosen, there is still a question regarding the texture of the kitchen. Does the modern kitchen require to be a high gloss? Not really – it all depends on the right design. Avoid putting too much different structures as you may end being way too original. High gloss, glass, sparkles and a lot of intense colours may result in your kitchen looking like a Christmas tree!


What do we think?

Kitchen should be timeless, but also tailored to the needs and preferences, which may differ. For some, kitchen as a separate room is something that has to be that way and will remain at its right. Others, however, go with the time and choose the latest and most fashionable kitchen solutions. Anyway, while making a decision, the individual should think rational and in advance taking into account that kitchen is something that lasts for a long time. If you are not an extreme money spender and want your kitchen to be looking good and last for many years, you should then consider the design carefully with the help of professional kitchen designers. They can advise and suggest long-term ideas from their fresh perspective, that will make your cooking kingdom better. If you are struggling whether to choose a high-gloss modern kitchen with white goods or a traditional solid wood one, try to connect the two possibilities, as ultra modern handle-less fronts greatly come with the solid wood accents like worktops.

Remember: the kitchen must be yours. Do not make the kitchen according to the latest trends just because it is fashionable. Trends change every year and no one would remember that your kitchen was modern twenty years before!


Next time: All about the kitchen islands! Stay tuned! 🙂




One thought on “Two steps to modern kitchen

  1. Good article, its true you need to know moderation in everything especially when it comes to the kitchen design. If I was making a kitchen now I would go for a modern because Im young however everyone should go for its taste!


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